August 7, 2018

The biggest obstacle to hiking in Israel on a weekend is not safety or scorching temperatures, but a dearth of transportation options. Buses and trains stop running from 3pm Friday up until 8pm Saturday. Finding a taxi through the GET app, the Israeli version of Uber,...

August 1, 2018

This past weekend, I left the hip and trendy Tel Aviv, riding a bus east to the old city of Jerusalem.

Upon entering Jaffa Gate, one side of the fortress walls that surrounds the inner religious sites of Jerusalem, I was overwhelmed by the hundreds of shops crowding bot...

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Bahrain Summit Foretells the Future of Peace in the Middle East

June 20, 2019

INTO THE FRAY: The deadly detriments of a doctrine of defense

June 20, 2019

INTO THE FRAY: The Bahrain Conference: Failure Foretold

June 9, 2019

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