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Good Night, Sleep Tight, and Don't let the Iranian Bed Bugs Bite.

Last night, shortly after midnight and right before I went to sleep, I watched PM Netanyahu give his TEDx talk on nuclear Iran. That’s what it felt like I was watching. Then again, he wasn’t talking to the leaders of the free world in his speech. They’ll get the actual documents to peruse and validate. Their experts will review them. His presentation was for the populace. Me.

If you’re looking for in depth analysis, stop reading. Or if you’re looking for a pro or anti Netanyahu piece then keep searching #Iran or #Israel until you find what you’re looking for. This is about how it feels, hearing the news and living twenty minutes away from Jerusalem.

My mind can’t totally wrap itself around the fact that a UN member, who repeats their genocidal intent against Israel often, might one day have a nuclear bomb that they want to drop on me. It’s personal. It’s very personal.

The revelation of these documents alone didn’t cause the dark circles under my eyes this morning. The feeling of helplessness did that. These documents are now in the hands of PM Netanyahu, President Trump and European leaders. All who have political skin in the game. Bibi as we like to call our PM has been going on about Iran lying for so long that he finally got his gotcha moment. Trump lives for validation. The European political leadership does not take the prospect of being wrong lightly. Even worse, what if pesky, fly in their ointment,Israel, is who proved them wrong?

So I drink my coffee this morning but I add an extra shot of espresso. I finish my coffee and pray for strength and clarity of thought for the few who will possibly decide the future for the many. Maybe it’s the caffeine buzz, but I take a leap of faith and carry on, or maybe it’s because they won’t let me use Iran as an excuse to call in sick at work!

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