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The Next Israeli Election

I am at times the square peg that must fit in the round hole of the political spectrum. I don’t quite fit. I would prefer my political choices be like the menus from the Chinese restaurants of my youth. One from column A and two from column B. On domestic policies I am a liberal. On foreign policy I can be a bit of a hawk, and in Israel, security is foreign policy. It often seems everything we do is foreign policy even when it’s not.

I could fill this post, and waste your valuable reading time on why I won’t vote for Bibi. Truthfully, I almost forgot that Gabbay was the leader of the left wing Zionist Union party. I won’t be voting for him either. This election I am voting for someone, and not against someone.

I will be voting for Yesh Atid. Click on Yesh Atid and you’ll get their entire platform. Yair Lapid made all of it resonate for me.

He resonated when he spoke about the second war with Hamas in Gaza from the belly of the European beast. He stands by the IDF in the face of people trying to make an exception appear as if it was the entire reality. He is a strategist. The hard won Iranian Nuclear Archive documentation should have been our ticket to a seat at the table instead of a vote getting grandstand powerpoint moment. He isn’t the messiah but he may be the next best thing for my country.

I could go long but then it would become as long as Bibi has held office, which in my opinion is way too long. Actually, I’m reminded of something Begin said when to the shock of the left wing Labor party, he was elected PM. He said, “Nu, did you really think you would be in power forever?” Nu, Bibi?

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