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A tiny, two letter, seemingly insignificant word and yet, it’s the one that jumped out at me in Palestinian President Abbas’ attempt at an apology for statements he made in a speech he gave in Ramallah.

He anchored his apology with a condition. “If” anyone was offended, only then does his apology take effect. He never actually takes back what he said.

Abbas crossed the line of what I can only call acceptable antisemitism. Peace Now actually called his statements vile. The NY Times in an editorial piece raked him over the coals. The EU slammed him and the UN tried, but its statement was blocked by Kuwait. Abbas has been making antisemitic comments for years. I guess I’ll just be glad that the formerly deaf have regained their hearing.

Abbas is 82 years old and the support for this old man’s message of Jew hate and history denial has not changed. It’s what got him reelected as head of the PLO. He played the tune that his PLO base came to hear. That old song was music to their ears as well as money in their corrupt pockets.

In lieu of an apology President Abbas, I would accept your retirement, but since that ain’t happening, send chocolate. It’s just as ridiculous as your apology.

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