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I Prefer My Shmear On A Bagel

She looks about twelve in this photo of her taken during her IDF service. I want to thank her for her service. Now she’s had to go above and beyond the call of duty.

Meet Rebecca. She was the target of a smear campaign by the Facebook page Freedom For Gaza. It wasn’t personal. She was picked at random from a photo on the Israel Defense Force’s page. She first appeared on the FB wall of Suhair Nafal from Chicago, Illinois. Nafal put her picture next to a picture of Razzan alNajjar, a medic/nurse who was killed during riots at Israel’s border with Gaza. Freedom for Gaza on FB ran with it.

“This ‘trained killer’ executed a 21-year-old Palestinian nurse in Gaza as she was helping wounded civilians.”

The post has been removed from Freedom for Gaza’s page. When I did see it, just close to 15k people shared it. And from there it kept multiplying. Rebecca was targeted with death threats.

I’m not surprised by the lie or propaganda that lie generated. What is telling to me came in an update by the Freedom for Gaza FB page. The update came after they realized that they were being exposed.

“Whether it was this sniper or another one does it really matter? They are ALL killing innocent men, women and children.”

This is what social media warfare looks like. Facts don’t matter. Lies, like kite firebombs, set every thing in their path on fire.

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