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Iran’s Regime on Its Toes

It has been quite obvious that Europe’s efforts to preserve the highly flawed Iran nuclear deal intact despite the United States’ exit never had any hopes of succeeding.

Struan Stevenson, coordinator of Campaign for Iran Change, shed light in this regard in a recent United Press International article.

As Washington begins to implement a growing number of biting sanctions, observers are witnessing how the regime in Iran is starting to comprehend the undeniable reality of these punishing measures.

Iranian regime foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has recently been busy urging — read begging — European Union officials to stand firm in the face of U.S. actions and go as far as making up “for Iran’s losses.”

Supreme leader Ali Khamenei followed his footsteps and placed the blame on the EU for its shortcomings, reaching the point of even threatening the Green Continent of Tehran abandoning ship on the Iran nuclear deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Aimed at backing his threats and raising the stakes with the “Great Satan” (as the Iranian regime describes the U.S.), Khamenei is ordering preparation work launched at the Natanz nuclear site for a new centrifuge-assembly center.

It is worth noting that the Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) first blew the whistle on Natanz, along with the Arak plutonium reactor, in 2002.

If the PMOI/MEK hadn’t warned the world about the Iranian regime’s clandestine nuclear program — intended for military purposes, despite claims otherwise — it is safe to say Tehran would never have come to accepting the nuclear deal.

Adding to the Iranian regime’s miseries are the growing number of protestsacross the country, proving how the Dec/Jan uprising has continues as we speak.

Widespread protests, in cities such as Isfahan and Kazerun, parallel to strikes, by truckers and civil servants, are placing the regime’s economy before the very imminent threat of coming to a standstill.

As always, and lacking the necessary capacity to present any real solutions, the mullahs’ regime has responded with fierce crackdown, killing and wounding hundreds during street protests and sending thousands behind bars. Reports also indicate at least 14 of those apprehended were killed under torture while in custody.

Iran’s regime is also continuing its pervasive use of the death executions, and even public executions, to literally eradicate political prisoners.

These numbers have elevated Iran to becoming the world’s number one state in executions per capita. It is now a known fact, with Amnesty International expressing grave concerns, that half of the world’s registered executions are taking place in Iran under the mullahs’ rule.

Unfortunately, such pressing cases of human rights violations have little or no value for senior European officials, including EU foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, Stevenson states in his article.

She stands accused of continuing efforts of establishing “constructive dialogue” with Tehran, aiming to seal lucrative economic deals with Tehran while the entire population of Iran is suffering from the regime’s rule. Iranian regime media are acknowledging over 50 million of Iran’s 80 million populace live in poverty.

The West, including the European Union, must understand how these lucrative deals only benefit the mullahs’ regime and their continued drive of meddling in the Middle East, supporting terrorist groups, advancing their ballistic missile program, secretly continuing their effort to obtain nuclear weapons, and last but most certainly not least, a domestic crackdown machine continuing to pump out human rights violations.

It is time to set aside short-term benefits and stand alongside the Iranian people. This, leading to the end of the mullahs’ regime eventually, will guarantee the long-term interests of all parties.

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