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Not Your Parent's Eco-Terrorism

Not one tree has been hugged in this new form of terrorism. And just like car ramming and stabbings, this low tech, highly destructive form of terrorism won’t take long to reach your shores. I think the days one could safely say “only in Israel” when talking about terrorism are long gone.

Welcome to the era of incendiary kites and “party” balloons. Party balloons is what someone in the British press called them. You see, it’s all in how you frame it. “Israel fighting party balloons” makes Israel the crazy, intolerant ones.

The sad reality is that there have been one hundred days of these burning kites and balloons. One hundred days of fires. Thousands of acres of farmland and forests are gone. Literally a scorched earth policy. Because Hamas , you know, loves the land. It’s how they treat what they call Muslim land. Imagine if they hated the land.

People who hate Israel can smugly think that it serves those farmers right. So what if they lost all that wheat and produce from the groves that burned down. You know, “the occupation” , two words that justify everything.

So the smoke from a hundred days of fires should have no impact on the climate right? I mean, the climate gets that it’s justified. And trees and plants, well yeah, they’re alive but you know, it’s not like they’re really “a-live.”

Trees are easily ignored. But what about the animals. Seventy five acres of the Karmiya Nature Reserve gone. Hopefully the birds made it out, took flight and beat the onslaught of smoke and fire. At least most of them. However now they have been robbed of their habitat. The reptiles? Forget about it. Snakes aren’t cute so who cares? But turtles??? Seeing their burnt shells made me cry. They are estimating that the hyenas made it out with their cubs as well as the swamp cats. At least most of them they are hoping were not killed in the fires, but they have no way to know as of yet. The fires continue as more kites are sent.

Speak out. Stop the massacre of nature happening as you read this. Protecting nature should not be a Palestinian vs Israel issue. Not to anyone with any humanity.

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