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Do It Different

Despite the heat, I chose to walk the extra mile.

An extra few miles, that is. With my car borrowed down in the Negev, I faced a few days of anxious uncertainty. For someone who’s had her own car since college, I know I’m spoiled. It’s almost always sitting there, ready and waiting for its rightful owner to go wherever her heart desires, or her work demands. But now, with kids who are growing up and have their own driver’s license (yipes!), I want them to spread those wings and drive off to college exams / friend’s party / personal errands / [fill in the blank].

With the onslaught of an Israeli summer, the once-welcome heat is starting to get to us — and it’s only July 5th! Determined to leave behind my midwestern roots and preference for snow-blown driveways, I slather on the sunscreen, hitch my bag onto my back, and plod on. It actually feels good, and I commend myself on my healthy choice. A few blocks later, with the heat setting in and the feet starting to ache in not-so-smart-platform sandals, I question my choice. But when I arrive, it’s with a smile and the feeling that I did something good for me today.

Diet, exercise, schedules — these are all important lifestyle choices we have to make for ourselves. And that’s the key — it’s for us, so choose right. Don’t get bogged down in what people think; or what you think is expected of you. Do what feels healthy and wise. Tie on a pair of running shoes, let your hair down (or up) and go.

I bet you’ll like the results and you might even feel better, in the summer air or at the office. Change is good, so if you don’t have the car, walk. If you feel like it, go for it. Summer’s the right time to feel free, so let me know what you’ve done differently today. For you.

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