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What Jack Ma Can Learn From Israel

Israel has something extremely valuable to share with the world — the key to our happiness and sustainable future.

Dear Mr. Ma,

Don’t worry. We have what you are searching for. You just have to dig a little deeper past all the flashy technology to get to it. And it’s actually shared with the entire world from a building right in the middle of one of Israel’s main high-tech hubs. Would you believe it wouldn’t cost you a dime to discover the love code you seek? How did you miss it, you must be asking yourself. You missed it because it’s been hidden for generations, until the time would come that humanity needs it. So it doesn’t get the top billing it deserves. But one day it will.

The Love IQ We Need

Let me start by saying that you are so right! Humans can never be like machines because we are not designed that way. Our purpose here in this life is to learn to be better at what makes us so different than machines, and that is to truly love and care for each other. This will only happen when we discover that we are all part of the same beautiful human network.

But it will be impossible to achieve this as long as we are all still plugged in to the current network that is gradually killing off everything we hold dear. The harmful results of our addiction to our computers and devices is even worse than the gravest form of substance abuse. People are isolating themselves from their friends and families, they are depressed and suicidal. Youngsters measure their entire self-worth according to social media and spend many hours of the day working on presenting an enviable image online. Many have lost the most basic human capacity to communicate with others through normal face to face dialog and remain hidden behind screens.

Jack Ma in Israel — “Don’t worry, machines can never win [against] human beings, humans have hearts, while machines only have chips.”

The Next Stage of Our Evolution

As long as we continue to filter every aspect of our human existence through these machines we are distancing ourselves from the next incredible stage of our evolution, which is all about love and human connection.

You are right Mr. Ma. Israel has a very special spirit. That is because it’s our responsibility to help the world discover its spiritual side, and how this is the true key to our happiness and sustainability. Israel has a very special role in educating the world about the next stage of our evolution. This is why we are the Chosen People. Not because we are better than others but simply because we were chosen to guard this information for humanity.

Mr. Ma, you are one of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world, but when it comes to truly reaching your full human potential, none of that matters. When it comes to matters of the soul, we are all equal parts of the same whole, trying to come back together again. We don’t take any of our earthly possessions with us on this journey. The only thing we take with us from one life to the next is our spiritual progress. And we don’t have to die to get started. We have everything we need to accelerate our evolution in a positive manner right here on this planet.

Looking Beyond High Tech

As a former startup expert, I completely understand that you are looking for new things that will challenge you and widen your horizons. Energize your entire being and make you feel excited about tomorrow. That does exist but it’s not a startup. It’s a new global education method about how to be better humans that will replace all the knowledge based learning we have relied on for the last 200 years. Again you are so right! Traditional education no longer serves our needs because at this point all we need to learn is how to be better humans!

What is the main focus of this new global education? We will constantly work on raising our IQ of love, which will require making room in our our heart for others. Humanity will eventually embrace this body of knowledge and the new value system it introduces, so we can evolve together to a superior way of life where there is no suffering.

No one needs to invent this method since it’s existed since the beginning of time. Our forefathers discovered it thousands of years ago and used it to create a special group of future instructors for humanity called “Israel”. All we need to do is listen to the people who have spent many years simplifying the code so that all of humanity can access it.

New Global Education

As you know the world is going through some very significant changes. Soon machines will replace all forms of work in our world, and only a small percentage of people will need to work to sustain the rest. What will people do with all that spare time? How can we prepare and organize society correctly to take full advantage of the new conditions and enjoy the process? This is precisely why the wisdom of Kabbalah is resurfacing in our time. But this time, it is no longer only coded into the bible — it is accessible to every human being on the planet in plain English.

Now you may stop and think — oh! This is a religious thing! Help! Get me out of here! That is the main misconception and there are many others. But as you can see with all the chaos around us today, Nature has a plan of evolution for us and it will not stop until it achieves its goal. There is only one body of knowledge explaining this process and providing precise guidelines about how our next stage can be navigated in a pleasant manner.

You may think this has nothing to do with you Mr. Ma. But you should know, that there are a handful of Chinese people already living in Israel according to these new values. They have learned Hebrew and their kids are studying here in the Tel Aviv University. They have been translating and arranging vast amounts of content for many years, to be prepared for when millions of your countrymen would need it. There are more Chinese people who visit Israel once a year to experience this amazing future stage of all nations coming together as one.

Everything you have ever said about the need to change education is absolutely correct. But what will you replace traditional education with? We cannot reach our full human potential by creating more entrepreneurs or learning to feel better about ourselves like we did in the ‘90’s. The key to our better future in the 21st century is in enhancing human connections at all levels of society. And this is something I’m sure you can appreciate.

You do have a good heart and good intentions. You have been searching for many years all over the world and your feelings about Israel are not random.

Hopefully the entrepreneur inside of you will not rest until you discover the ultimate source of fulfillment in our world — the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Jack Ma says only by changing education can your children compete with machines:

“If we do not change the way we teach, 30 years from now we’ll be in trouble. The things we teach our children are things from the past 200 years — it’s knowledge-based. And we cannot teach our kids to compete with machines, they are smarter. Instead, we should be teaching kids values and skills that no machine can possess. Qualities like independent thinking, teamwork, and care for otherswill not just set students apart, they will ensure students can be valuable contributors to society in ways that make them irreplaceable.”

Jack Ma on the IQ of love — and other top quotes from his Davos interview

“Technology should always do something that enables people, not disable people.”

“Google, Facebook, Amazon and AliBaba — we are the luckiest companies of this century. But we have the responsibility to have a good heart, and do something good. Make sure that everything you do is for the future.”

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