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The Hatchet Job on Birthright

Two groups of Jewish kids left Birthright trips over the past couple of weeks. Both groups live streamed their leaving the trip on Facebook.

Risa Nagel, one of the participants who left Birthright recently wrote in the Huffington Post that:

“A participant on my trip reached out to IfNotNow, a movement of young American Jews working to end our community’s support for the occupation, looking for ways to confront Birthright in their miseducation They helped put us in touch with Israeli and Palestinian anti-occupation leaders like Awdah and his family, who offered to show us what was really happening in Israel.”

The Times of Israel reports that “Six of the eight, who are in their early 20s, are active at various levels in IfNotNow, an anti-occupation organization made up of young progressive Jews in the United States.”

Take Elon Glickman one of the people who left the trip. He stated on Facebook that he’s an organiser for IfNotNow:

Here’s the event he organised:

Here’s Glickman organising another event in April, this time for Gaza:

Despite being advertised as taking place at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art the event seems to have targeted a Jewish community center nearby and seems to involve people pasting the names of the dead onto the building:

It’s interesting to note that the man who posted these photos to the Facebook event is called Mike Chickey. In addition to having a profile pic that tells the world he thinks 9/11 was a conspiracy his Facebook feed is riddled with theories calling the 9/11 attacks a Mossad Operation:

Question; What on earth would a guy like that being doing at an IfNotNow event?

Answer; Taking pictures to post on their event wall.

Does Glickman, the hardcore activist, really expect us to believe that he just decided while on the trip that it wasn’t for him?

Another member of the group Becky Wasserman has attended a bunch of IfNotNow events, including this attempt to sabotage AIPAC conference:

Are we really expected to believe that they just made contact with the group to organise a separate tour for themselves on the spur of the moment?

It doesn’t seem very likely.

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