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Not In This Woman's Army

Thirty religious soldiers turned their heads. Their immodesty was shameful.

Wait..what??? They weren’t immodest! They were protecting their modesty from the female IDF instructor.

No, I don’t think so, because immodesty, your name is not woman.

It was reported in the news this week that 30 religious recruits turned away from the female instructor who was trying to teach them how to be a paratrooper and do their job.

Modesty is not the sum total of what you wear or about the opposite sex. The important part about modesty was totally missed. It’s about how you live your life. Disrespect is immodest. Self righteous religiosity is immodest. So shame on them, their rabbi who teaches them and their parents who did not teach them.

I have to wonder how someone who acts like this can function in the world. Women are everywhere. Whatever you guys do, take my advice and don’t go to the supermarket. It’s better to stay hungry, because if you have to turn away from women you’ll end up dizzy from going in circles! Women are everywhere in a supermarket.

The army is not your rightful domain dear young male religious recruits. The Syrian fighter jet that recently entered Israeli airspace was downed by a woman. The IAF has a female squadron commander now. Women fought to establish the Jewish state you are now defending. Dr Ruth, world renown sex therapist can still load a Sten automatic rifle while blindfolded. She’s 90. She listened to her instructors.

Their commander told them that under army orders, instructors would not be chosen by gender and any trainee who disrespects an instructor will be thrown out. The spokesman added that the IDF stresses uniformity in its ranks in all activities regardless of religion, race or gender.

That was from the Haaretz article. I’d say they disrespected the instructor and yet the IDF has only slapped their wrists. I’m thinking the IDF should have no problem finding 30 male and female recruits who are respectful that can take their places.

To the recruits that need better guidance, learn from this guy at his daughter’s ceremony. She’s going to be teaching recruits how to jump out of planes.

As more women become combat soldiers and commanders, disrespect, even based in religious belief, is not acceptable. To fix this, start with the boys.

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