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Disruptive Zionism 101

The only course requirement is that you are a Jew. Before anyone screams discrimination, it wasn’t a Jew who created the requirement. It was a bunch of antisemitic Labor party members in the UK. Blame them for what should be an easy A for any Jew. But wait, they said zionist not Jew. These terms are so easily interchangeable for an antisemite and as you can see it gives them some momentary shade. But really, anti zionism at its core is antisemitic, so who are they really fooling?

The UK Labor party has an antisemitism problem. It also has someone who is exposing it , Labor MP Luciana Berger, whom members of the local Labor Party called a disruptive Zionist. What they meant was that she is a Jew who does not know her place. She’s ruining the party, as in the political party sense of the word and the I hate Jews so lets eat drink and be merry sense of the word party. Besides, any time you can also blame Israel, the Zionist Entity, is a win for people who hate on Jews.

I see the moniker Disruptive Zionist as a badge of honor. It means you’re a badass Jew unwilling to be silent in the face of hate. As Jews, we should all be disruptive. Especially when we are told we are imagining it, that it’s typical Israeli propaganda or that we are being ourselves bigoted for speaking out. In a world where antisemitism is rising fast it’s time to disrupt.

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